Nur Horsanalı (TR)

Designer with a research-oriented practice. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Industrial Product Design department; and completed her MA studies in Aalto University, Product and Spatial Design in Finland. After her studies, she continued to work as a research assistant at Aalto University; contributed to the Finnish Pavilion in XXII Triennale di Milano as a curatorial assistant. Her interests revolve around material culture, vernacular design and crafts.


  1. Halletmek
  2. Apprentice’s Diary
  3. Oak and Steel
  4. Design and Improvisation
  5. Flooded Summer School
  6. 45 Minutes with Glass
  7. Poronluu
  8. Brief Encounters
  9. Color and Material Studies



Under Construction

8. Brief Encounters

Type Editorial Year 2016, Istanbul
Team: Adnan Faysal Altunbozar, Başak Tuna, Betül Şahin, Can Küçük, Çağatay Özkardeşler, Nazlı Pekdemir, Nur Seda Şahin, Nurseli Yorgancı, Mina Ada Yancı, Seda Öznal, Selen Cinstaş, Toprak İzgi Güven, Zeynep Ürper. Tutor: Aslı Altay

        Brief Encounters is the collective editorial work of the Design Publishing class under Istanbul Bilgi University. Students ranging from Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Industrial Design departments contributed to the book through various briefs that investigate the historical context and current state of design publishing, with a focus on editorial input that is beyond promotional purposes.
        Instructor Aslı Altay, states that design publishing in broad terms fetishizes on neat images, perfect renders, and an idea of a smart and perfect future. It usually is not in tandem with the world we live in. This book is an attempt to surface some of these discrepancies. The result is a cumulative sum of issues proposed by the students, manifested in different forms, which they believe should be a part of the contemporary design discussion. Furthermore, it eavesdrops on what we talk about when we don’t talk about design.

        Our discussion on “publishing today” started off by looking closely into Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message. The book Brief Encounters was constructed from the pages of The Medium Medium is the Message which has been reinterpreted with today's visual content along with other briefs we have worked on during the semester. In briefs, we explored: a series of new punctuation marks reflecting how we read and write in relation to the ever-changing modes of communication, several harsh adverts to critique what we are exposed daily, and recipes to evaluate tools and methods pointing that point to overlooked aspects of design.
Brief M rethinks McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message based on today’s visual content; Brief O looks into situations, objects, and spaces that normally would not be featured in the design context; Brief R questions whether a piece of recipe can contain more information, even a critical reflection on design and methodologies, than just cooking instructions; Brief S uses the format of advertisement for criticism and calling attention to situations that matters to us personally; Brief P proposes new punctuation marks with specific functions driven from the issues that we have been discussing throughout the semester.